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The Truth Is Out There, Or Is It?


lights over phoenix

This is a great piece about unidentified flying objects that was put together by the RT network.  The sad truth is that 95% of all UFO sightings are reported by hoaxers, or dumb dumbs who don’t know what airplane lights look like.  However, a very few of these reports are made by credible eye witnesses. Pilots, military personnel, and astronauts are some of the most credible people you can talk to when it comes to watching the skies.  So when they say that they’ve seen some shit, I usually listen.

It’s a bummer that UFO nuts and shows like UFO Hunters have put a sour taste in my mouth, because it truly is fascinating.  But as of late, I have to agree with Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s POV.  Unless there is concrete evidence, everything is just speculation.  And after speculation, science can almost always find an explanation.

That leaves us with a handful of sitings that can’t be explained.  One of them is the Phoenix lights, where faked footage and crazy testimonies didn’t matter since thousands of people saw the same thing.

The other event covered by this video sheds some light on what happened over the capitol in 1952.  When the military scrambled jets to check out the incoming objects, they quickly raced out of range, only to come back once our planes were grounded.

It’s fun to think about, even if it is all bullshit.  But if anyone can explain and source the Phoenix Lights or the Capitol event, please do so.

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