Lion Mauls And Kills Woman While She Was Having Sex


simba and mufasa

I thought this was an onion article at first, but nope it’s legit. Sharai Mawera was getting jiggy with her boyfriend in a secluded and romantic spot near Kariba. Unfortunately, Miss Mawera was stopped short of reaching climax when she was mauled by a lion. The young lady’s boyfriend ran away naked trying to get help. Sadly, by the time he rustled up a crew, his girlfriend was dead.

Ms Mawera’s boyfriend, who has not been identified, is believed to have jumped up and fled in the nude when the lion lunged forward. A source told the newspaper the young woman died at the scene. He said: “Unfortunately the woman was mauled to death by the lion, but her boyfriend managed to escape naked.” A friend of the couple told My Zimbabwe Ms Mawera had worked at the local market and that her partner was a fisherman.

The scary part about this story is that the lion is still out on the prowl. In fact, authorities think it’s the same beast that mauled a guy who was walking home from a club a few day prior to this incident.

Authorities believe this same lion could be responsible for the death of a local man over the weekend who was said to have disappeared as he walked home from a nightclub. The remains of the man were found Monday on the outskirts of town and a hunt for that lion is still underway.

Could you imagine living in a place where you could be mauled by lions while walking home from a bar? Or picture yourself trying to boink your girlfriend during a romantic picnic only to end up watching her get ripped to pieces by a 400 pound lion. Yea, no thanks Zimbabwe, I’m cool here.

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