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Wannabe Nerds Go After Obama For “Mind Meld” Comment


darth bane

Right now the president is getting destroyed on Twitter via the hashtag #ObamaSciFiQuotes. It’s for the comment he made earlier which is posted below. He simply states that he can’t make a Jedi Mind Meld happen. The wannabe nerds of the internet erupted into a frenzy, clowning the president and telling him to give up his nerd card.

As someone who has read over 40 books on the expanded universe, I’m here to say this: Guess what fuck faces?  A Jedi Mind meld actually exists.  They describe it as a battle meld in the Darth Bane trilogy.  It happens when two or more force users work in unison to achieve an ultimate objective.  It’s almost as if you move as one unit.

You could absolutely use the term “Mind Meld” the way Obama did, you know, since we’re all trying to achieve the same goal.

I guess for me the most hilarious thing about this whole ordeal is that the people slamming Obama are self proclaimed nerds.  So the next time you see someone post a status update about Obama not knowing his Star Wars, you can kindly explain to them that they don’t know shit either.  Here is this book if you’re interested.

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