Strip Club Owner and Troll Doesn’t Want To Pay Taxes


A strip club in New York has tried to troll their way out of paying taxes by finding a pretty nifty loophole. It appears that art and artistic performances are exempt from being taxed.

A New York strip club that lost a bid to avoid paying taxes on money earned from lap dances is taking its case to the U.S. Supreme Court, the club’s attorney said. In a 4-3 decision last year, the Court of Appeals held that performances at Nite Moves, an exotic dance club near Albany, didn’t qualify for a state tax exemption that applies to dramatic or musical arts performances. The club had argued that exotic dance fell under the exemption because it required practice and choreography.

I’m going to give them +1 for trolling right away. But let’s be honest here, sitting in your own spooge while a 22 year old named “Star” grinds her box on your lap can’t really be called art.

Nite Moves is trying to fend off a $125,000 tax bill on admission fees, beverage sales and income from private dances that it collected between 2002 and 2005.

I might change my mind if this tax cut were to affect the public, but it doesn’t. So you’d keep paying the $16 dollars per drink, and $20 per dance, while your paycheck depletes into nothing, all in the name of the arts.  I’m all for tax cuts, but when is the last time a strip club did you any favors?  Give me “Free hand job Fridays” or “Titty sucking Tuesdays” and we’ll talk.  Until then, the only artistic establishments that deserve tax cuts are the ones where you can get a massage from a Thai lady whose artistic abilities far exceed a little bump ‘n grind.

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