Jordan Is In Much Better Shape Than You


This is Jordan. I found these pictures on the internet but they don’t include a source, so if you can help me find this flawless filly (for science) I would greatly appreciate it.  Dem abs!

Tianna G Will Ease All Our Monday Pains – Caveman Circus
The Most WTF People and Pet Photos Ever (49 pics) – Izismile

The Pope Quits: Benedict XVI Cites Age & Health – Heavy
Face down ass up – Double Viking

Kasdan Says Episode VII Won’t Be Like the Prequels – Furious Fanboys
Waking up in the morning – Expectation vs Reality

Jessica Hart: One Delicious Aussie – Gunaxin
56 Actual Analogies And Metaphors Found In High School Essays – Ned Hardy

Kim Kardashian Claims To Be Bigger Than Jesus – Celeb Jihad
Spider vs Wasp! – Holy Taco

Victoria Beckham photoshoot – Modamee

Kate Upton Busts Out Her Eskimo Boobs for New SI Cover – G Celeb
Camille Piazza’s hotness will melt you into a puddle – Brosome

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