Badass Mall Cop Is Beacon of Hope For Downtown Atlanta

Earlier this week we watched a loudmouth ghetto mom get a healthy dose of taser justice.  It turns out that the security guard involved, Darrien Long, has to deal with scum bags like this on a daily basis.  In fact, a shitty mom with a big mouth is usually the least of his worries.  Dealing with juiced up drug dealers is also a regular occurrence.

We need more of this, and not just in downtown Atlanta.  Having a safe and clean environment to go shopping is not underrated.  Most people talk a big game when it comes to cleaning up the streets, but no one takes action.  Darrien did.  The internet has recognized him for his giant balls, and his valiant effort to take out the trash.  One redditor even created a Crowd Tilt account for the man in hopes that people would donate in order to buy him some better gear.   As of now, that account is almost at $12,000.

And to think, it all started by tasing one loud bitch, lolz. No but really. Mr. Long is a bad motherfucker, and I’m honored to give him my 10 bucks for taking out Atlanta’s trash.

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