22 Beach and Poolside Hotties


I know it’s still the dead of winter, but I’m ready for spring break.  Here are 22 beach side and poolside hotties that will have you wishing the same.

Smokin hot black chicks – Izismile
Victoria Justice Looks Like a Star for Annex – G Celeb

Cute girls with computers – Gunaxin
Copping a feel – Demotivational Posters

Taylor Swift Shows Her Nipple In An Interview – Celeb Jihad
Beautiful Girls”¦Nuff Said (32 Pics) – Caveman Circus

Tight dress self shot – Double Viking
5 Directors That Should Have a Shot at “Star Wars: Episode VII” – Furious Fanboys

Johanna Lundback in Swimwear & Lingerie – TC Mag
Louis CK and History – Holy Taco

Lily Aldridge is back and looking sexier than ever! – Brosome
Checking out girls – Expectation vs Reality

Incredible Photographs Of Animals In The Womb – Ned Hardy
Classwork vs. Homework – Lulzshirts

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