Nursing Moms Go On Breastfeeding Rampage

Why is it that when we ask to see someone topless like Selena Gomez, it’s almost impossible?  But then when it comes to slightly overweight, saggy-titted moms, we get it thrown in our faces?  I’ll tell you why.  But first, if you’re a breast-feeding mom, I’m not targeting you.  Breastfeeding completes the circle of life.  We suck on boobs as babies and then we grow up.  Then after puberty we see boobs, we suck on boobs, we put penis into vagina, 9 months later a baby sucks on boobs again.  So you young ladies who have a tot latched on to your nipple as you’re reading this, I’m OK with you.

What most of us have a problem with is these self-righteous cunts who pull out their floppy udders in public just for attention.  Don’t tell me I’m wrong.  You don’t have to sit in front of a Hollister with your unappetizing milk sacks out to prove a point.  Unfortunately that’s what a bunch of jobless/white trash moms have decided to do in order to protest.

Over 10 mothers gathered at Northwoods Mall Saturday afternoon to show their support for breastfeeding in public. The protesting mothers began standing outside of Hollister in the mall at 3 p.m. They cam equipped with signs, strollers, and hungry babies. “We’re protected by state law and we want to make some awareness in the community and let people know that this is a normal thing,” said Elizabeth Ohair-Estrella, who took part in Saturday’s protest. “Great for the babies, great for mothers.”

This all started because an employee at Hollister saw that a topless beached whale was letting a baby slurp from her flapjack titties and it was obviously scaring customers.

The “nurse-in” comes after a woman in Texas claimed she was asked to leave a shopping center because she was breastfeeding. She says she was feeding her baby discreetly in front a Hollister when she was told to stop, and go away.

Ladies, you’re better than this. We know it’s your right but holy fuck. Stop thinking you’re entitled to special treatment because you let a dude jizz inside you without a rubber. And maybe, just maybe think about your surroundings first.  Think I’m being too harsh?  Check out some of these beauties and tell me you wouldn’t be a tad offended at seeing them topless.  Hey, fat dudes wouldn’t be allowed to prance around shirtless either, even though being shirtless is natural.

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