Daughter Drugs Her Parents For Being Too Strict With Internet


It’s only January 3rd but I think we’ve already got a contestant for “daughter of the year.”  Two parents from Rocklin found out just how far their daughter would go when it came to staying up all night to browse the net.   You see, these parents put a curfew on their teenage daughter’s internet usage.  After 10 p.m. they would turn the WiFi off.  But this princess thought the rule was stupid, so she came up with a logical solution.  Last Thursday she came home with two milkshakes for mom and dad.  Her parents smiled and slurped down their treats. They eventually passed out, oblivious to the fact that their daughter had crushed up sleeping pills and put them in their shakes.

Unsettled by their hangovers, the parents headed to the police department for drug tests.  At this point they put two and two together.  Their daughter and friend had used prescription sleeping pills to get the parents out of the way.  You know 10 p.m. is a shitty curfew, especially for teenage girls who want to post pictures of their buttholes online all night.

The unamused parents brought both their daughter and her friend who supplied the pills to the police department.

Both girls, one being from Rocklin and the other from Roseville, were arrested. They face willingly putting a drug into food and conspiracy charges. This case is being handled in juvenile court, but if these were comparable adult charges, it would be a felony.

Future boyfriends beware.

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