Will We Discover Aliens in 12 Years?


Will we discover aliens in 2024?  For Nick Pope, former official from the British defense ministry’s UFO project, the answer is yes.  And for people like me who have been waiting their whole lives to get their butthole’s probed by little green men, we welcome this news with open arms.

In 2016, Australian scientists will be starting the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. This telescope will be fifty times more powerful than anything we have right now. In fact, we should be able to see if star systems within a hundred light years from Earth contain life. The SKA will be completed in 2024. Pope goes on to say:

“I will be controversial and give you an exact year of when I believe first confirmation of contact will be made and that is 2024, the year in which if everything goes according to plan (when) the SKA will be fully operational.”

So how big is this super telescope going to be? As big as a bus, a house, a skyscraper? Keep going.

The SKA telescope is the most ambitious ever planned. It will be made up of thousands of receptors, covering around 5,000 square kilometers of the Earth’s surface in the remote wilds of Australia.

As cool as this sounds, and as bad as I want to see ET’s dick, I think this is just a replacement for people who got disappointed when the world didn’t end on December 21st. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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