40 Sexy Self Shots


The hottest pictures on the internet are not taken by professional photographers.  They are taken by sluts with iPhones in front of their bathroom mirrors.  Isn’t it funny how the sexiest thing a high school chick from the 90’s could do was flash some dudes, or maybe scan her boobs on the Xerox machine.  Now, a girl sends a dude a picture of her asshole every 92 seconds.  I love technology.

Olivia Munn Training To Orally Service Muslim Men – Celeb Jihad
Elizabeth Hurley Is Organically Beautiful in Vogue China – G Celeb

Some Asian Persuasion Courtesy Of A Hottie Named Miko – Caveman Circus
The Morning Jolt: Hookers Acting Out Braveheart – Holy Taco

Victoria Beckham Enjoys the Best of All Worlds – Modamee
Oana V̨rlan in skimpy lingerie will make you flip out РBrosome

A Few Funny Animal Pictures To Put A Smile On Your Face – Ned Hardy
Grammar Nazi – Lulzshirts

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