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Finally, A School That Doesn’t Mind A Teacher’s Naughty Pics


Fellow Americans, it’s time we start taking notes from New Zealand when it comes to education and hot teachers. Recently, Kylie Fullerton, an Auckland assistant principle took some pictures of herself in red lingerie and posted them on Facebook. Like most pictures of hot girls on Facebook, these were leaked despite the privacy settings. Naturally but hurt parents and jealous fatties raised a stink. But big ups to Glen Eden Intermediate school for not caving into the heat and canning the teacher.

On Wednesday, Glen Eden Intermediate School board of trustees chairman Patrick Baker and principal wrote to parents saying Fullerton had not breached professional standards teachers were expected to adhere to. They said reports about the incident had also been incorrect. Fullerton’s Facebook page did not link to the school’s website, nor was her page accessible by students, they wrote. ”This was a false assumption and was not true,” they told parents. The letter said the board reviewed the school’s cyber safety policies with staff and students ”and are confident that appropriate action has been followed”. ‘We will continue to review these policies as part of our annual review process.” The letter went on to thank parents for supporting Fullerton.

One thing I’d like everybody to keep in mind, and I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here but: Listen, most male students hate going to class but they love looking at hot chicks. Keeping a hot female teacher on staff that occasionally lets a racy photo leak, is like giving your male students a little present. We’ll also do whatever it takes to impress a hoe. So now you have bullies and dummies swinging for the fences in order to get that A. Because in our minds; dat A = dat ass.

The above pic is not Miss Fullerton but I got tired of Googling.  This should work though.

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