Are There Structures On The Moon?


I’m the first one to laugh at UFO footage shot by farmer Dan in the back of his barn right before a bunch of green men came down, raped his wife, took his horse, licked his butthole, and extracted some of his seamen.  Every day another nut says something similar.  But once in awhile, some peculiar things surface that have you asking yourself questions, no matter how big of a skeptic you are.  Debunkers destroy hoaxers almost as fast as they surface, so I’m sure this is all explainable too.  Nevertheless, it’s a much more interesting dinner time conversation then whatever football team you’re following.

From the Belyaev Crater to Karl Wolfe’s testimony about the dark side of the moon, to a 7 mile high tower poking out of the surface, images of moon structures and the controversy they bring have been an interesting debate from the crazies to the scholars for years.

Science can make an argument for both sides in most cases.

Actual tower or camera dust?

Colorized image of Shrodinger’s left side.

Two NASA employees derpin’ it up, what’s under homeboy’s arm?

The bottom line is: I smoke weed when I can’t sleep and usually end up watching Ancient Aliens, so using this site as a legit source is like calling TMZ an actual news outlet.  But with Elon Musk and Richard Branson paving the way for commercial space flight, there is a good chance that someone reading this will someday take a weekend trip to the moon…just because they can.  When that day comes and people are launching out of moon craters in their space buggies like it’s a joyride at Glamis, then we’re going to see everything anyway.  Will it just be another dead rock the rich vacation on, or will we end up finding some cool shit?

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