Fry Loving Pervert Flashes Minors At McDonald’s


Matthew Mitchell is a 29 year old man from Shippensburg, PA. He enjoys sunny days, long walks on the beach, and showing his penis to 17 year old drive-thru employees.  And like a true floppy dong flashing freak, he wasn’t satisfied with just one round of penis Polaroid ops.  He circled the drive-thru, claimed they forgot some of his order, and pulled out his man meat again.

A Shippensburg Township man is accused of exposing his genitals to several employees of a McDonald’s as he picked up his food at the drive-thru window back in June, borough police said. Minutes later, the man drove back to the window to complain about not receiving part of his order and exposed himself again to the employees, police said. On Thursday, Matthew Mitchell, 29, of Orrstown Road, was charged with three counts of corruption of minors, four counts of open lewdness and four counts of indecent exposure.

As far as the ladies are concerned, there has been no word on how badly they’ve been traumatized.

Police said Mitchell exposed himself to three 17-year-old female employees at the restaurant and the manager.

When you work at a burger joint, the last thing you’re expecting is free sausage from a customer.

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