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Missouri Mom of The Year Feeds Her 13 Year Old Meth


Ann Lampe is 34 and by the looks of her I think that a miracle must have happened.  No she doesn’t have health issues, and doctors never told her that she couldn’t have kids, but just look.  You need a lot of alcohol in order to put your penis inside someone with a mug like this.

This is nature’s way of saying “do not put your dick in this because it will cause a lot of problems.”  13 years ago someone didn’t listen to nature and fired a load anyway.  The result is a 13 year old who is addicted to meth.  The first time police caught wind of the Missouri meth mom was when she and her daughter were lighting a pipe in her car.  Ann says she gave her daughter the meth 3 maybe 4 times in order to keep her from throwing a fit.  The daughter tells a slightly different story though.

The 13-year-old, who was not identified in court documents, told police that Lampe gave her meth more times than she could remember. The young teen said she would smoke it, snort it or “hot rail” the drug. A hot rail, the girl described, meant using a glass pipe to inhale smoke from methamphetamine.

Seriously.  If your kid is screaming at the store do you give in and let them have candy or tell them to stfu?  If you give in, chances are you’re raising a spoiled shit head.  Now throw some Meth into the mix and you’re looking at an entirely new set of outcomes.

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