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Zoomba Prostitute Alexis Wright Takes Naked Pics With Her 7 Year Old


I’m not sure if you recall the story about the Zoomba instructor who was giving “private” lessons about a month ago.  In a nutshell, this fairly hot 29 year old Zoomba instructor was inviting dudes over for lessons and then she’d end up boinking them.  On top of that, she was video taping the sessions.

Can you imagine how brutal it would be if the only thing you wanted to do after a long day of work was to get jerked off by a sexy Zoomba instructor only to find out later that the encounter was being taped.  Apparently she documented over 150 encounters.  Can you imagine that?  150 penises all slamming into the same pussy hole.  What a filthy piece of shit.

That’s sort of besides the point.  The real shocker is that she somehow kept custody of her 7 year old son.  Hopefully that rule will get reversed as there have allegedly been photos leaked of her posing naked with her half naked son.  It boggles my mind how in this country you can be a two bit crack whore and still somehow get full custody of your children.  If anyone wants to take a peak at her Zoomba lesson, you know for science, play the video below at your own risk.  Warning NSFW

[flv: 580 350]

Parenting fail?

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