Yoshiki Risa is why I rike Asian chicks

This Japanese jalapeno is 25 years old. She’s from Funabashi, Chiba, and she’s got a nice little career as an actress and a model.  She’s got a couple dvds but it’s stuff you wouldn’t like anyway, so let’s just look at some pics.

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Halloween sexy girls – Caveman Circus

Fail&Win Picdump (16 pics + 1 gif) – Izismile
It Came from the WalMart $5 Bin: Scary or Die – Holy Taco

Nicole Kidman Goes Extreme in Harper’s Bazaar – G Celeb
Sexy bunny outfit – Modamee

Top 3 Sharks You’ve Never Heard Of – Double Viking

Simply Stunning: Heidi Mount – DJ Mick
The Best Kids Halloween Costumes Of 2012 – Ned Hardy

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