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Valeria Lukyanova is a Real Life Barbie Doll


You’ve probably seen pictures of this 21 year old Ukrainian model who has been making headlines for close to a year now. Within that time she has gained a half mill Facebook fans and just as many haters.  People have gone out of their way to troll and discredit this young lady based on speculation.   Other than a lack of nude pics, I have no problems with Miss Lukyanova.  One of the most common lines the haters and jealous chicks like to throw around is “real beauty is natural, this isn’t natural.”  Really?  Do you wear lipstick?  If the answer is yes then shut the fuck up.   Anyway, I don’t know why I’m defending this girl other than the fact that I want to see her on a tube site really soon.  Also, it should be noted that she’s only had breast enhancements and hip alignment surgery.  The claims from that Fox news doctor about her having ribs removed is bullshit.  She just doesn’t eat.

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