Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Hi kids. This is Naomi StClaire.  She’s a cutie pie from Louisville, Kentucky and has one of the sexist lower back tats I’ve seen this month.  Unfortunately I could only find 5 images, I’m sure you’ll make due though.

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Candace Bailey in Regard Magazine – G Celeb
Ground Zero in the Mists of Pandaria – Holy Taco

10 Upcoming Movies Show It’s a Good Time to be a Fanboy – Furious Fanboys
Today I’m In Lust With Im Min Young – DJ Mick

Dude Deserves Some Props”¦Turns His Eclipse Into A Lamborghini Reventon – Caveman Circus
Barbara Palvin is my definition of the perfect babe – Brosome

The perfect butt – Double Viking
Awesome Design Of The Day: The Super Slim House In Japan – Ned Hardy

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