Anonymous Goes After The City of Philadelphia


Ori Feibush is a business owner in Philadelphia whose coffee shop was next to a lot that was full of garbage and broken glass. This is a satellite image of what the lot looked like. Mr. Feibush decided to be a good citizen and use 20,000 of his own money to clean and rebuild the lot, making the neighborhood much nicer.

Let’s take a look at what the lot looked like before Ori cleaned it up.

Now let’s have another look.

Looks pretty nice doesn’t it?  The community is ecstatic that their neighborhood is no longer an eye sore.  So what did this guy get in return for his hard work?  A threat from the city saying that Ori needs to return the lot to it’s previous condition or face the consequences.

Anonymous has called the city out on their bullshit.  I’m interested to see what will happen.  Personally, I thought this was an Onion article at first.  How far does your head need to be up your ass in order for you to want to threaten someone for cleaning up a neighborhood.  Screw you politicians.  You’re all corrupt, and now you will feel the wrath of a cyber butt fucking.

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