20 Tasty Examples of Dat Gap


Today’s gallery is also going to be a lesson from urban dictionary mixed with some biology fundamentals. According to UD:

1. Refers to the gap between a women’s legs that outlines and emphasizes her vagina.

2. A space between a girl’s legs where the outline of her vagina is visible. Usually only visible on skinny girls with thin legs and tight jeans. Very noticeable on girls wearing just underwear.

3. The part that you focus on when checking out a skinny, hot chick. Usually aids in the spotting of cameltoe.

Let’s have a look at this gap people are making a fuss about, shall we?

Screw Bill O’Reilly – Holy Taco
Bra and panties – Double Viking

Sofia Vergara Deepthroats A Banana – Celeb Jihad
My Definition Of Beautiful Can Be Best Described By Viewing These 24 Pictures – Caveman Circus

Olivia Medina Goes Rogue – G Celeb

Insert Some Happiness Into Your Life With Pictures Of Cute Kittens And Puppies – Ned Hardy

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