Why Women Are Terrified Of The Robotic Revolution


It won’t be long now. Robots mingling, advising, and fucking humans will be the norm.  For most of us, this is an exciting time.  Forever Aloners and Socially Awkward Penguins from around the world will rejoice when they can finally put their penis inside of something that talks.  And why shouldn’t they?   When you’re an introvert, trying to get laid isn’t easy.

Eventually most dudes resort to online dating where they have to deal with shit like this.  For the soft spoken and non alphas, having something to socialize and suck off is a godsend.  Unfortunately, it won’t be a utopia of hot cyborgs that can give you a hand job while helping with your trig homework.  Without a fight anyway.

You see, the same haters (who say that things like fleshlights and fapping are immoral) will be out in full force to make sure a talking robot that can cook and clean (while also having a beautifully fresh smelling vagina) will never make it to the show room floor.

Women who use their vagina as a tool will start to panic and join the anti robot movement.  Now before you ladies say “I don’t use my vagina as a tool so I’m good” let me just stop you right there and say “yes you do.”  Every time a guy takes a girl out to dinner, the movies, listens to why “Becky from work” is a cunt, or simply takes his female neighbor to work, he is making an investment.  The return on these investments is to eventually be granted access to vagina.

Now, throw Cyborg Slut 2.0 into the mix and see what happens.   With one big cash investment men will be left with a partner who doesn’t give a shit about the Notebook, yet keeps a copy of Blade Runner in her memory banks.  She doesn’t get tired, and always wants to boink.  Want your cornhole licked during a beej?  No problem.  Getting bored?  Order some new tits and add a different personality.

Well that sounds awesome, why is this bad?

Because, the term “power of the pussy” will become obsolete.  Opening doors, sending smiley faces, or the exchange of blowjobs for job promotions will become a thing of the past.  This to women, is absolutely terrifying.   But before you girls start snorting Xanax pills because your third eye has lost it’s value, you should get some comfort in knowing that this is still a long way out.  In the mean time you can start gearing up for the revolution by not being so frugal with who you let inside of you.

Next time the nerd or the quiet kid shows interest in you, be a sport and let him see those milk duds.  After all, these are the guys who will eventually program your replacements.

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