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Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Good morning class. Today we’re going to make you strain your eyes a tiny bit because Christine Marie LeMaster’s tattoo isn’t the largest.  That’s OK though because you don’t need a massive piece of ink to be featured on TST.   More Christine here.

Have a good tramp stamp pic we should post? Dump the link in our Facebook group or drop us an email. Check out last week’s tramp stamp.

If Your Ex-Girlfriend Is a Dentist, She Will Pull Out Your Teeth – Holy Taco
Quite Possibly The Hottest Girl You Will See Today – Caveman Circus

Booty of the day – Double Viking
Lina Posada shows you the true meaning of hot – Brosome
Video: Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian Sex Tape – Celeb Jihad

An Autistic Man Singing The National Anthem At Fenway Park Gets Help From Fans – Ned Hardy
Hot Izabeli Fontana Posing Naked and in Lingerie for GQ – Modamee

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