This Is What It Looks Like From A Girl’s POV (18 Pics)


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a hot chick?  It would actually be pretty sweet.  I mean, you’d get free drinks, sex whenever, wouldn’t have to try at shit, but in exchange, you’d have to give up your penis.  Yea scratch that, being a dude is still more fun.  Nevertheless this is what a hot girl sees when she looks down.  What a lovely view, lovely view indeed.  Btw, thanks PZ for letting me use your pic, and not being too creeped out that I went through your entire Facebook album to find it.

Zombie Ass (NSFW) – Holy Taco
Taylor Swifts Shows Off Her Hard Nipples – Celeb Jihad

Pictures Of Marie McCray Will Get Us Over The Hump – Caveman Circus
Emily Ratajkowski is so being a major tease! – Brosome

Happy National Cleavage Day! – Gunaxin
First world problems – Ned Hardy

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