Bully gets annihilated by right hook


I did some research on how this went down because there appears to be a few different stories.  Here’s the gist:  White kid and black girl are arguing when the black chick slaps him.  He slaps her back and she goes and gets her brother.  Apparently he was tee’ing off on the white boy until the big Asian kid from behind the fence finally rolled up and said “why don’t you get down with a real nigga.”  The big Asian dude then absolutely destroys the bully with a right hook.  I haven’t seen justice like this since Casey Heynes.  Some people are claiming that the black kid is special ed, but he isn’t full retard like Corky from “Life goes on.”  More like “my mom didn’t teach me the ABC’s cuz she was slingin crack rock.”

[flv:http://regretfulmorning.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/bully-gets-owned.mp4 580 350]

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