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Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Hi kids, we’re back to normal scheduling today so let’s bring in TST with the familiar face of Mindi Smith.  I would write more but I heard this show called “Smash” was supposed to be awesome, so I have my TV on thinking I’m about to get hit in the testicles with some epic SciFi action, but no, it’s another one of those musical shows.  The only thing on TV right now is Archer, and Spartacus (in a few weeks) – can’t we get something with spaceships and explosions?

Have a good tramp stamp pic we should post? Dump the link in our Facebook group or drop us an email. Check out last week’s tramp stamp.

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Sucker Punches Man – Celeb Jihad
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Jen Wilburn in lingerie – Gorilla Mask
7 GIFs of Dogs Humping Things – Holy Taco
Catrinel Menghia is so hot and perfect your eyes will melt – Brosome

The 4 Worst Pro Sports WAGs in the Game Right Now – Unathletic
50 Pics of the Porn Star Who Didn’t Cost the Pats the Super Bowl – The Smoking Jacket

Holly Weber Pics – Ask Men
Start Off Your Day With A Nice Dosage Of Wisdom – Ned Hardy
NYC: Maria Menounos Rocks Giants-Colored Bikini After Losing Super Bowl Bet – Moe Jackson

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