Hot Girls Tebowing (21 Pics)


Last week I posted a cute girl in her underwear doing some “Tebowing.”  For those of you who don’t know Football, Tebowing comes from Denver’s quarterback, Tim Tebow.  It’s basically the position that he gets in when he starts praying on the field.  He is easily  the best troll in the NFL right now.  Ultimately, he’s below average at best, yet he still manages to pull wins out of his ass.  He then attributes his success to god which reeeeaaaaallly pisses people (especially atheists) off.  Bill Maher was raging so hard on Twitter the other day that I thought he was going to keel over.

Long story short, a meme developed around the position Timmah gets in when he prays.  And with all memes, they are a lot more fun when half naked girls get in on the action.

PS – Thanks to John and Justin who got the ball rolling on this gallery by sending me pictures of naked girls Tebowing.

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