Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Good day mates.  For the 163rd episode of TST, I thought we’d take it to over to Germany and let Giulia Siegel represent.  Giulia is a soap star/bomb shell combo who isn’t afraid to show a little crack.

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Cute girl in a tight shirt – Double Viking
Victoria Rays Does The Hand Bra Thing – Moon Dog Sports

Samantha Kelly underboob – Gorilla Mask
Another Miley Cyrus See Through Top With No Bra – Celeb Jihad

Reka Ebergenyi is back & looking as hot as ever- Brosome
Tara Booher is so cute it’s ridiculous – F listed

Shay Maria and Selina Lo Are Warrior Women – The Smoking Jacket
Eva Green Pics – Ask Men
Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio Hits Runway – Moe Jackson

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