Man Claims Sexual Encounter With Alien, Passes Polygraph Test


When it comes to UFO sightings or Alien abductions, 95% of them can all automatically be thrown out as bullshit, or can be easily explained.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to finish watching this video because I saw a low level troll at best.  But then things started to get interesting.

In a nutshell, Peter says that he was woken up very early by two extremely tall and attractive females who didn’t appear to be human.  One of them straddled Peter, in hopes of cooking up some boner brew.  Peter sat up, and the hot alien pressed his head into her perfect boobs.  But instead of tapping that alien ass like a boss, Peter failed miserably and bit a chunk out of her nipple.  The aliens realized they were dealing with a n00b and left.  Sorry, no Species sex scene in this video 🙁

After their departure, Peter was left with an erection that lasted 6 hours.  You can stop watching here for quick lulz.  But Peter was serious about his story, and biologists started trying to debunk his story by analyzing the DNA that he found under his foreskin.  This is where things get pretty interesting…

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