Tramp Stamp Tuesday


The worst part of Tuesday is that it’s so close to Monday, and Mondays lick balls.   TST has taken the average Tuesday, and made it just a tad bit better though. This is Tiffany and other than being out of my league, I don’t know much about her.

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Finally, Catalina Otalvaro is back in our attention! – Brosome
Cute girl flashing – Double Viking

Hot NFL cheerleader Harmony Joy – Caveman Circus
Victoria Justice Caught Making Out With Jaden Smith – Celeb Jihad

Ashley has some sexy hips – Gorilla Mask
Filippa Hamilton bikini pics – TC Mag

Behold The Hotness of Roxy Moore – Moon Dog Sports
Girl on Girl: Lisa Marie and Jessica Vaugn – The Smoking Jacket

Bikini-Clad Miranda Kerr Scores The Endorsement Deal of a Lifetime – Heyman Hustle
+1 For Family Time – Ned Hardy

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