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Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Posted December 20th, 2011 at 1:00 pm by

Less than a week till Christmas, woot!  Did you guys get me anything cool?  Probably not, that’s OK though.  Today’s stamp was showing too much undercarriage, and last time I posted one of these, Facebook got all pissy.  Hence the epic smiley face I drew for you.

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Most AWESOME cop ever – Caveman Circus
Christina Hendricks Flexing Her Boobs Vid – Celeb Jihad
Top 25 Hottest Girls We’ve Discovered in 2011 – Brosome

Lucy Pinder: Naughty Christmas Model – Gunaxin
Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga in Japan – Moe Jackson
Twitpic playmates – The Smoking Jacket

Super sexy birthmark – Double Viking
Simply Stunning: Lindsay Higgins – DJ Mick
Golf cart absolutely destroys several people – TC Mag

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