Brooke Banx has brains and beauty


This 25 year old, D cupped, Texas born bombshell is so out of my league that I might as well not even finish looking at the gallery. Kind of like checking out new images of the Lamborghini Murcielago, it’ll just depress me.   It’s not often you find girls that are smart who look like this.  Brooke is pre med majoring in biology.  In short, she’s smarter and hotter than anything your penile unit will ever get near.  I’m gonna tell myself there is something wrong with her.  Webbed feet, daddy issues, transgender etc.  It eases the pain.

Sexy Zelda cosplay – Caveman Circus
Beyonce Is A Terrible Dancer – Celeb Jihad

Candice Swanepoel in skimpy lingerie does it every single time – Brosome
Mio Aoki Is The Cutest Santa You’ll See Today – DJ Mick

Holiday hand bra – F listed
Miranda Kerr, yes please – Heyman Hustle

A bunch of Santa fails – Gunaxin
Dad Filmed his Kids Coming down the Stairs For Christmas Every Year, For 25 Years – Ned Hardy

Merry Christmas From Wendy Fiore – Moon Dog Sports
Massive prom picture – Lulzshirts

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