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25 of The Sexiest Girls in Thongs


Like most straight guys and butch dykes, I’ve got a weakness for thongs. It’s sort of confusing to me though because when you actually see past the sexiness of it, it’s almost kind of gross. Let me break it down for you.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to be psychologically scarred.

A thong is basically just a piece of cloth that rides up against, and sometimes inside of a woman’s asshole.  A guy I know walked in on his buddy getting laid and he decided to put the girl’s thong over his head like a Darth Vader mask to troll them. Unfortunately his nose was right on the part of the thong that interacted with the young lady’s asshole. He didn’t realize what was happening until he was hit with a smorgasbord of poo smells. This was then followed by projectile vomiting. If you can look at thongs and still find them sexy after this story, then here’s a fist bump. You my friend are a dirtbag like me.

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