Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Good morning and happy Tuesday.  Today we’ve got a bonus underboob to go with our tattoo.  Thank you ma’am, may I have another?  I just wish these existed in real life.  Yesterday on the plane there was an average sized guy, an empty seat, and then me.  And right when he got done saying “I hope if anyone sits in the middle seat, it’s a small girl” a 260 pound woman slams into the seat and starts telling me about her spiritual journey.  This is my punishment I thought.  Posting pictures of hot girls every day, I needed a reality check.  And said reality check came packing a value meal + big gulp.

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Nina in lingerie..oh lawd – TC Mag
A bunch of slutty twitpics – The Smoking Jacket
Look at all dat ass – Double Viking

Miranda Kerr looks like that alien in Splice which is hot – Moe Jackson
Alison Brie Hard Nipple Vid – Celeb Jihad
Jennah Anderson will make you drool like a damn fool – Brosome

Marilyn Monroe Photos – Ask Men
Aida Yespica Sexy Fashion Night Lingerie Shoot – DJ Mick

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