11 Year Old Boy Trolls Pot Smoking Parents


Protip for parents: If your 11 year old kid asks you numerous times to stop smoking weed in the house because it bothers them, then you may want to start hot boxing in your car instead. If not, you might find yourself getting trolled all the way to jail.

An 11-year-old boy who said he was fed up with marijuana smoke in his house took pictures of the drug which led to a raid by authorities and sent his mother and stepfather to jail in Dakota County.

After the boy’s complaints went unheard, he took the pictures of his mom and stepdad’s stash and sent them to his biological father. Shortly thereafter, authorities rolled in and busted the two parents. The mom said that they have marijuana for medicinal purposes.

We’re going to grant this kid 10 points for trolling, but seriously he just gave me the best idea ever. If you call the cops when your neighbors are being loud, wasted, and/or smoking weed they won’t do shit.  Maybe a noise violation if you’re lucky. But as soon as you tell them a kid is involved, they will send Steven Seagal to kick someone’s door in. So I’ve decided that I’m going to send a letter to my police station the next time my neighbors piss me off.

I guarantee this will work.

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