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29 Girls Eagerly Eating Bananas


Girls eating bananas are awesome for multiple reasons.  Today we’re going to cover the two main ones.

  1. Health – Bananas are healthy.  A girl who prefers to gobble down a banana instead of a bag of Ruffles cares about her body.  And since you’re going to try to place your penis in said body, you want it to look good.  Also, have you ever had a chick blow a fart in your face after she’s been eating Sour Cream n’ Onion all night?  I haven’t either but I’ll tell you right now that it’s fucking gross.
  2. You know what you’re getting into.  Watching a girl take down a banana will tell you a lot about her.  I suggest ordering a banana split for dessert, just to see what she’s made of.  If you find her nibbling around the outside and taking baby bites, you might be in for a boring night.  However, if she inhales that potassium penis like she’s just warming up, then you my friend might find yourself on a fun date.

Here is a tribute to our favorite fruit and the lovely ladies who like to practice.

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