41 Painful Looking Pictures of Girls Getting Wedgies


When I was a freshman in HS, I was such a little shit head that a bunch of seniors made me stand on a garbage can while they duct taped me to a pole wearing long underwear and a cowboy hat.  It was some sort of initiation thing, and it sucked balls.  Not the humiliation part, but more the pain.  You see, when they were done taping me to the pole, they kicked the garbage can out from under me so I was sort of just hanging there.  I had long underwear so far up my asshole that I could taste the fabric softener.  And as painful as that was, I hear it’s worse for girls since you guys get owned in not just one crack, but two.  So I’d be kind of interested to hear first hand from a girl, how bad a vag wedgie hurts vs an ass wedgie.

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