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Two Senior Citizens Go On Arson Spree Causing 7k In Damage


Sometimes playing chess and staring at a duck filled pond just doesn’t cut it when you’re a senior citizen.   Two recently convicted seniors show us that sometimes you just gotta light shit on fire.

Someone asked me last week if I only troll the Florida newspapers in order to get my “WTF” related articles.  The answer is no, Florida makes it’s own headlines.

The two Florida old men Jacinto Rodriguez Vazquez (66) and Edwin Torres (59) didn’t just set one fire to the J.L. Young Apartments. They stepped in up a notch and set the garbage chute on fire nine times, causing around 7,000 damage.  They might have gotten away with it too, but the building placed securiy cameras in the building which pretty much caught them red handed.

As they suspected, the surveillance cameras caught a suspect lighting a bag on fire and tossing it down a garbage chute. Police say that suspect was Jacinto Rodriguez Vazquez, 66, who has since been charged with arson. Three hours later, police say a second suspect, Edwin Torres, 59, was also caught on tape setting another fire on the property.

I’m glad you grandpas are getting enough fiber in your diets, but please stop shitting on people’s property for the sake of lulz.

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