Man Shoots Himself In The Head While Showing Off His Gun


If you’ve ever needed a clear example of how Darwin’s theory works, continue reading…

A 22 year old Tampa man by the name of Chaz Ursomanno was showing off to his girlfriend by waving his gun around. 24 year old Naomi Ensell told him to stop messing around or he might get hurt.  Chaz didn’t listen and decided he needed to prove the safety of his firearm.

He pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened so he was like “see?” and did it again. This time, Chaz blew a hole in his head.

To prove his point, he put the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger, and the gun did not fire. However, when he did it again it did fire, the sheriff’s office said. Detectives are calling this a tragic accident. Ursomanno was taken to Bayfront Medical Center where he has life-threatening injuries.

So if he doesn’t make it, Darwin’s law would have proven itself.  I almost feel there is something bigger at play here. Like in Pulp Fiction where Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta dodge all of those bullets. God could have saved him the first time, but then saw him do the same stupid shit twice and been like “again bro? really?”  You only get so many “close calls.”  Using them up, back to back, isn’t a good strategy.

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