Romance Fail: Girlfriend Swallows Necklace In Muffin


When it comes to romance, it doesn’t really come naturally to a lot of us. Take 22 year old Xaio Li for example, who had just bought his girlfriend an 800 dollar necklace for her birthday. As if that wasn’t enough to drop her panties, Xaio Li stepped it up a notch and baked the necklace into a muffin. This is when things got ugly.  22 year old Wang Xue isn’t much of a nibbler and took the entire muffin down in one bite.

“I thought it would show how much I love her and it would be a good joke too. But before I could say anything she’d swallowed it in one bite and I had to tell her the truth on the way to hospital.”

Lulz. After the x-ray, doctors decided they’d probe Wang Xue, but not in the kind of way that Xaio had planned on probing her. They did an endoscopic surgery and eventually pulled the necklace out.

“She got her necklace back eventually, but I’m not sure she will ever feel very comfortable wearing it even though I spent hours cleaning it for her.”

I can see the pixels

Seriously, Wang Xue, marry this guy. He just spent an entire paycheck on a necklace that you ate, then wasted the rest of his weekend cleaning your own stomach bile off of it.

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