Guy Has Sexual Relationship With a Dolphin For 9 Months


Malcolm Brenner, author of “Wet Goddess”, has just been interviewed about his new book. Brenner stated that Ruby (the dolphin he was boinking in the 1970’s) was actually the one who initiated the sexual relationship.

check out this gem from his interview with David Farrier:

Malcolm Brenner: She began raking her teeth lightly against my arms and legs which was indescribably erotic. Some might find it frightening, I found it erotic.

David Farrier: Now in your book, you talk about how that led on to you two having sex. A lot of people would say that’s wrong, what’s right in your mind about what you did?

Malcolm Brenner: What was right with it is that the dolphin initiated the whole sexual thing. As I mentioned, she was in isolation – she’d be using me to satisfy her sexual needs.

LoLz?  Since I live near Sea World and the Pacific Ocean, I want to make sure I get this straight.  If a dolphin gives me a gentle bite, it means that I should go ahead and put my penis inside it?  It doesn’t mean “hey, I want to play?”  Because if someone stuffed their meat whistle in me every time I wanted to play catch, my childhood would’ve been waaaay more messed up.

Brenner then goes on to say that 15 percent of the world’s population has had sexual contact with an animal.

That means, out of every 7 girls you hook up with, at least one of them will have an extra jar of peanut butter laying around. Unless of course she lives in Tijuana.

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