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Wasted Woman Arrested For Doing Lawnmower Burnouts And Howling At Moon


A Florida woman by the name of Merrilee Schwarz took her birthday party to the next level when she decided to howl at the moon, do burnouts in a truck, and hop on a riding lawnmower in the middle of the night.

About 11:20 p.m., calls came in about a man and a woman doing “burnouts” in their vehicle. Police watched video that showed a vehicle “smoking the tires” and revving the engine before Schwarz got out and started cursing and yelling. “She then began to howl like a dog,” a report states.

Neighbors finally decided that the line had been crossed when she walked her dog over to their house and started banging on their door with a cup of booze in her hand.

The best part?  When police arrived, Merrilee’s excuse was that she was having a good time for her birthday.  Unfortunately, she had missed that date by a week.

You know you’ve been hittin’ the sauce a little too hard when you forget your own date of birth.

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