12 Year Old Boy Delivers His Baby Brother Like a Boss


Gaelan Edwards did what a lot of 6th graders do at night.  He sneaked out of bed and started watching some late night TV.  Little did he know that he was about to be a household hero.

Around the same time, his mother, Danielle woke up in the other room to find that she had already gone into labor.  She didn’t have any labor pains and basically woke up to find that her baby was already “crowning” (for those of you who come to this site for the babe galleries, crowing means that the top of the head was sticking out of her vagina).

Noticing that the TV was on, Danielle called Gaelan who rushed into her room and said

Mom, this is not going to be an at-home baby. Then he saw the top of the baby’s head and went straight to his mother’s side. “I said, ‘Gaelan, when I push next, I need you to grab the baby by the shoulders and I need you to pull him out.’ And he “” just like by instinct, I couldn’t even believe it “” grabbed the baby by the shoulders, with the head on his wrist, and eased him out, kind of wriggled him from side to side, and pulled him onto the bed.”

After that he went to the kitchen, grabbed a few plastic bag clamps and some scissors and proceeded to cut her umbilical cord like a boss.

Gaelan couldn’t be questioned in person because he was out riding his bike, but in a later phone interview he said

Holy crud! This is really happening. But after that, he was “pretty calm” and focused. “I’m surprised that I actually did it.”

Son, I am NOT disappoint.

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