5 Brutal Turf Wars In The Animal Kingdom


I was supposed to write an article this week but then I started watching animals fight each other on Youtube and decided that was way more interesting. Now that Shark Week is over I have to get my fix of predators killing stuff.  I especially like it when said predator have an equal or even more badass rival.  Watching sharks dominate everything is pretty fun, but it doesn’t beat two alpha predators going toe to toe.  Here are 5 turf wars that can go either way.

Wolves Vs Grizzly Bear

Bears just don’t give a fuck.  They will roll into an uneven battle like it’s a walk in the park.  Packs of wolves have been known to kill bears, but a bear’s relentless aggression topped with loads of muscle often let’s them come out on top.

Jaguar vs Crocodile

Gators and Crocs are at near the top of the predator pecking order, especially when it comes to home field advantage.  Lions and Tigers have been known to kill them, but it’s very rare that they go after them in the water.  A Jaguar on the other hand has zero fear and will march right down into a swamp and trade blows with these monsters in battles that often go both ways.

Honey Badger Vs Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard’s rank very high on the “Do not F*ck with me” scale. Even large mammals GTFO when this SOB comes into town. His teeth are like razor blades and his tale is a bull whip. Unfortunately for him, the Honey Badger is a fuckin’ boss and ranks even higher on our little scale. Note to self: Don’t wake up a Honey Badger. “Honey Badger Don’t Give a Shit

Lion Pride Vs Hyena Clan

A clan of Hyenas will often overwhelm a lion pride, and take their kills. However, there is a difference between female lions and male lions. I think Dexter said it best in season 3. “But in a world full of predators, the lion does not fear the jackal” or in this case the Hyena. Male lions are known as “Hyena killers” and they live up to their name when push comes to shove.

Burmese Python vs Alligator

An alligator bites with 2000 pounds of power. Pythons are unreal though, and in some cases can punk and even kill gators that they rival in size.

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