Texas Man Dressed as a Woman Was Showing His Junk To Kids


It was your average summer day at Arthur Story Park in Houston. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, a man in makeup was waiving his penis around…wait what?

Zyah Jonas was feeling a bit wild earlier this week and decided that cross dressing and genital flashing would be a great addition to his daily routine.  Unfortunately, his swinging trouser snake was exposed to a child, and that’s when shit goes from “fun and games” to “real.”

Zyah Jonas, 48, is accused of indecency with a child. According to the Harris Co. Precinct 5 Constable’s Office, deputies received a call July 18 from a complainant at Arthur Story Park in the 7400 block of W. Sam Houston Parkway that a male in a blue dress and makeup was exposing himself to persons in the park including a minor.

Deputies quickly took the wannabe RuPal douchebag into custody. His bond is set at 30k.

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