Chubby Bride Gets Taken To Jail At The Alter


Today’s lesson in common sense: Don’t steal someone’s identity, because cops will bust your ass at the alter.

Such was the case for Tammy Lee Hinton, anyway. Big Tam had just exchanged vows with her new husband (who apparently isn’t blind despite what you may think).

They were at the Jackson-area church in Michigan. Police say that they waited until vows were exchanged before bagging the wildebeest.

The blushing 53-year-old bride was wanted on a three-year-old warrant for identity theft; it is believed she attended the wedding reception after a brief jail stint. Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety Officer Rick Gillespie said on Monday police believed the woman had moved to Florida, but they got tips that she would be back in town for the wedding.

The cops were pretty cool though and only locked her up for 30 minutes. She posted bail immediately and headed straight back to the reception.  What an animal.  She was even told that she could change her clothes before being booked, but like a boss, she took her mugshot in her wedding dress.

“Ya’ll don’t go no where, I’m just headin’ ta jail fer a minute.”

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