Regretful Morning

Parking fail

Posted June 24th, 2011 at 10:16 am by

This doesn’t even qualify as bad parking anymore.  I like how the two trolls boxed him in.

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  • AwesomeAvenger
    June 24, 2011


    The people who boxed douchey in aren’t trolls. They’re just ordinary citizens who are giving a big FUCK YOU to the asshole who thinks it’s okay to take up three spots with his gas guzzler. The boxers ought to be given medals.

  • WaxFoo
    June 25, 2011


    lol, I hope they make the idiot sit there all day lol.

  • samdrukr
    June 25, 2011


    Don’t see any lines marking the spaces.
    And at night when the lady/gentleman rendezvoused with their affair partner the parking lot would be empty.

    They went off in the other car for some fun, but might have trouble leaving again discretely. Might even be late for breakfast.

  • Chester
    June 25, 2011


    That’s a damn fine parallel park job.

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