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Man Breaks Into Neighbor’s Garage, Gets Naked, Shits Everywhere. Alcohol Was A Factor


A Wisconsin woman was startled on Monday night when she heard a loud ruckus in her garage at around 10:30 PM.  As her dog continued to bark, she called the cops.

Police arrived only to find a very wasted Thomas O’Neil mindlessly barreling into equipment.  He had .37 blood-alcohol level, which is 4 times the legal limit for driving.  Apparently the very plastered Mr. O’Neil thought he was in his own garage.

Usually this could have been a “no harm no foul” type of incident, but Thomas had gotten completely naked and shit in the woman’s garage, along with breaking a bunch of stuff.

Good luck borrowing condiments from her in the future bro.

He was taken to Wausau-Aspirus Hospital for observation, and was then transferred to the Marahton County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, and obstructing an officer.

We’re not sure how he got the “obstructing an officer” charge but we can’t really put anything passed a guy that parties like this.

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