Dog Walker in Ohio Has Been Busted For Having Sex With Dogs


Peter Bower has fliers up all over town offering pet owners that he will walk their dog. He even volunteers his services at the Mansfield dog shelter.  Unfortunately, Bower isn’t your typical dog loving model citizen.  You see, Peter was having sex with these dogs.  Actually, he was having with three to be exact, one of which was his own.

That’s not all though, Mr. Bower was apparently also having sex with a horse.

Bower only facing misdemeanor charges. Investigators said that they would like to charge Bower with more serious offenses but Ohio has no laws regarding bestiality.

Dude, Peter, it’s “man’s best friend” not “man’s best lover.”

They really need a “Megan’s Law” type of site for people who boink animals.  This way when you go out of town for a weekend, you know your beloved “Sparky” won’t be getting cornholed by the local dog walker.

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