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20 Epic Underboobs from Gorilla Mask

Posted June 6th, 2011 at 8:00 am by

Adrianna Kroplewska

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An underboob is often better than regular cleavage.  You get to see the part of the booby which normally doesn’t get a lot of action.  It’s that base in between seeing cleavage and full nipple exposure.  Gorilla Mask often comes across delicious underboobs.  Today we’re going to show you some of our favs.

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  • Winkler0075
    June 7, 2011


    this is an EPIC FAIL. You have to HAVE actual boobs for it to be an underboob image. Not mention this picture being in a collection titled “20 Epic Underboobs”…I’m sorry but there is nothing epic here…and is def no underboob either.

  • Winkler0075
    June 7, 2011


    ***NOTE*** my above comment is in relation to picture 7.

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